Sonic Unleashed – Arrived at Eggman Chaos TODAY!

Today, I received Sonic Unleashed one day early! From the first 4 levels, the game certainly looks excellent! I mean this in the way of being great to play, but also a wonderful investment for Eggman fans!

The first cut scene, which includes Eggman up to what he does best, really is like watching a cutting edge CGI film. Eggman’s voice actor – Mike Pollock, in case you didn’t know – gives a fabulous performance as usual!

The only first-impressions quibble I have, is that SEGA seem to have added rather difficult, quick-succession, “Push the button we show” tasks. These are certainly not the sort of thing I enjoy in a Sonic game, but of course, may be just the thing for you.

More Sonic Unleashed thoughts to come over the course of my playthrough! I will cover any spoilers, in case anyone wants to find out for themselves.


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