Fanfilm still in Progress, and SBK

I apologise for the lak of updates. It was partly due to lack of Eggman news, and partly due to changes in the Fanfilm cast. After holding out for a Long time, Chase McCaskill finally said that he could not take the parts due to other commitments. I will put the changes here.

Onto official news.SEGA have decided that they will not include our favourite doctor in their new game, Sonic and the Black Knight, acording to Wikipedia. They said –

Also, unlike Sonic and the Secret Rings, Doctor Eggman does not make an appearance in the game, currently making this the second game (behind Sonic Eraser) to do so.Wikipedia

How absolutely TERRIBLE! How dare they leave out the genius of the GREAT Doctor Eggman!? Well – they dare. I also personally do not like a sword wielding Sonic – feels a little like Shadow and guns… Maybe I’m just a little too Old School. So, If you buy Sonic games maily for Eggman, This one may not be for you. Although, It does look fun, and it has a GREAT Site. In my opinion – one of the best sites, Even though I can’t quite warm to it without Eggman. SBK Site

However, Eggman IS in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games To be released later this year! Here are some sightings –

Looks like one to look forward to!


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