Happy 20th Anniversary, Eggman!

Eggman through the years...

That’s right! It’s twenty years to the day since Dr Ivo Robotnik made his debut performance in Sonic the Hedgehog 1 in 1991. SEGA have not forgotten this, and there’s some exciting news as a result of it! Well, I think they are under the impression that they are celebrating That Hedgehog’s debut, but we all know that besides flickies, the good doctor was the only other main Sonic character who appeared on that same day!! 😀

Sonic Generations cover art.

First up, to celebrate 20 years of Eggman (oh, Sonic too, I suppose :P), there is a NEW game coming out: Sonic Generations! It’s a kind of “Sonic Through The Ages” game. Of course, if it’s Sonic’s past and present, it’s also Eggman’s! 😀

So far, we’ve has one small sighting of Eggman is this screenshot of a boss shown at E3. This is a Nintendo DS screenshot, so it’s low-res, but look! Classic collars! So we get to see Eggman in his classic form as well as Sonic!! How will he look on other levels and systems? We don’t know yet, but things are looking good! The boss shown is a rendition of the final “Launch Base Zone” boss from Sonic 3. Here are a couple of screenshots of Green Hill Zone, and City Escape from this upcoming game:

Green Hill Zone in "Sonic Generations". Pretty!

"City Escape" in Sonic Generations. "Rolling around at the speed of sound..."

Sonic Generations is set for release in November of this year.

Also coming: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Release date TBC).

Plus: Special Offers on games with Eggman staring in them on XBLA and PSN!

Jazwares are to release a range of new Sonic collectables including a choice of badniks from Eggman’s ever widening army (EggRobo from Sonic 3 and Knuckles, for example!!) as well as a Classic Eggman, and a Modern Eggman, along with a host of other items and characters from Sonic history! How exciting!! http://www.jazwares.com/

A Jazwares display at a toy fair in London (Found at http://www.sonicstadium.org)

These figures may be around as early as August, according to http://www.toywiz.com/ and others.

There’s also an upcoming site that will reportedly sell all things Sonic, (including Eggman gear, hopefully!) It will launch at  http://www.sonicmerchandise.com/

 Look at this great classic-style Eggman plush. He appears to have been made recently, and says “Amusement only” on the label, along with the manufacturer’s name: “PMS International” (based in the UK). He has a great quality feel and is really cuddly. He’s also quite big – 12 inches tall ! A great find – so keep an eye open if you go to any amusement parks with prizes or UFO catchers/claw machines. 😀

Eggie Plushie!

Eggie Plushie!

That’s all for now. Happy Anniversary, Eggman!

Eggman through the years...


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