This is a fan site created by SonicJed  (aged 16). I designed all of the graphics for this site, apart from the official SEGA content displayed within the site. The Eggman images at the corner of every page, that are marked with a logo that looks like this:

JF Logo

Are renders of a 3D model that I created myself, out of a great passion for the character.

The design, and name of Dr. Eggman are © SEGA. All trade marks and game content are the property of SEGA Corporation and its group companies. All rights are reserved by them

I created this site for all Sonic / Eggman fans can enjoy it, and to support the character, as I really think that he is underrated, and deserves more of a presence as the wonderful character that he is.

So, I hope you enjoy the site, and will celebrate Eggman, and the Sonic series as a whole, along with me!


5 Responses to About

  1. Neox_lover says:

    well at least i’m not doing a Sonic site all by myself!!! sweet website!

  2. facenna says:

    I agree! Brilliant site, Jeddie! 😀

  3. Jeddie says:

    Why, Thank you Neox_lover and Facenna! 😀 I do my best!

  4. TheGreatDrEggman says:

    Nice site! Ever checked out Eggman Empire?

  5. Jeddie says:

    Thanks! 🙂 I have been to the Eggman Empire! Its a great source for media related to the ingenious Doctor!

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