Sega Announcing… Project Needlemouse!

September 10, 2009
What is Project Needlemouse? An Eggman Chaos made Needlemouse banner.

What is Project Needlemouse? An Eggman Chaos made Needlemouse banner.

Sega have just posted a new, ambiguous teaser trailer for a new “2D adventure” and as if gold rings, drilling sounds, jumping sounds, and a winged ring shilouette weren’t enough, It’s called NEEDLEMOUSE for goodness sake! That can only mean one thing – THAT HEDGEHOG! But where the blue one goes, a certain doctor should not be too far away – and I don’t mean Doctor Who!

So how does Doctor Eggman fit into the puzzle? If at all *shivver*? Will he be new style, or maybe classic style? Will the game be 3d, but with a fixed camera angle, or completely 2D and drawn? all this reamains to be announced by SEGA – who seems to be back on form with their original logo and SE-GA jingle, and it’s excrutiatingly exciting!!


Sonic Unleashed!

April 19, 2008

Sonic’s latest game – to be released in late 2008, is confirmed ton have our favourite Doctor Eggman in it, But what is he up to? Possible spoilers ahead!

The Doc we all know and love attacks Sonic, in a large bot, rather reminiscent of the final Sonic 2 Boss, I thought, and somehow corners the super blue, (or yellow) hedgehog in his base.

Oooh, A shiny new EggBot! Super Sonic\'s Captured!

This time, Eggman has a small victory over the blue spiny hero, and manages, weather intentionally or not we don’t know, mutates him into a rather different looking creature.

Oh ohh.... Zap! Is Eggman in control?

Sonic becomes a “Werehog” transforming into a fanged, furry wolf-like creature at night. Never fear, though, although Sonic might be stronger, and a little more strong, he is still in control, and this beast is more like, as the Nintendo magazine says, an “Incredible Hulk” to Sonic, as he was to Bruce Banner.


He may look scary, but he’s still our hero underneath. I hope the good doctor has this under control….

A little something extra...

A new badnik!

Here is one of Eggman’s newest robot designs. A SEGA spokesperson said that this designs were “Comical and cool mixed.” I quite like the final effect. Much more Eggman than the Next-Gen designs!