Happy 20th Anniversary, Eggman!

June 23, 2011

Eggman through the years...

That’s right! It’s twenty years to the day since Dr Ivo Robotnik made his debut performance in Sonic the Hedgehog 1 in 1991. SEGA have not forgotten this, and there’s some exciting news as a result of it! Well, I think they are under the impression that they are celebrating That Hedgehog’s debut, but we all know that besides flickies, the good doctor was the only other main Sonic character who appeared on that same day!! 😀

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Happy Halloween

October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Eggman Fans!


Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is OUT NOW!

Sonic Free Riders is out November 1oth (UK)! 1st Sonic game on Kinect!

Sonic Colours is out November 12th (UK) ! Visit Eggman’s own theme park!

Excellent new Eggman action figure is OUT NOW in US only! Toys-R-Us US have an exclusive deal and won’t ship here.  I tried to ask why but got no straight answer, unfortunately. Try eBay to get yours, if you are outside the US. I’ll show you in greater detail when mine arrives!



Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!!

How EXCITING is THIS!!!???

May 27, 2010

An EGGMAN-CENTRIC OFFICIAL GAME!!!! With Beautiful advertising! How wonderful does this look!!??? The game is to be called


Eggman fans invited to Eggman's Theme Park!!

Is that not just the most exciting thing you’ve seen in your time as an Eggman Fan? It looks brilliant – so read the little information that has been released and watch the short (Eggman-less) teaser! Guess who’s announcing and broadcasting by “borrowing” the  Sonic Blognik??? 😛 😉

Sonic Blognik

Eggman at the Olympic Games!

October 14, 2009

Or at least should be the title – and indeed could be.

That’s right! Our favourite egg is playable in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games! (What a mouthful!)

Eggman at the Olympic Winter Games!

Eggman at the Olympic Winter Games!

Plus Doctor Eggman has been added to the characters page of the MSOWG website, along with his wonderful laugh!

The game will be out in the UK on 16/10/2009 (That’s Friday!) for Nintendo Wii and DS. Put that date in your diaries! Or just remember, when it’s that close. 🙂

Sega Announcing… Project Needlemouse!

September 10, 2009
What is Project Needlemouse? An Eggman Chaos made Needlemouse banner.

What is Project Needlemouse? An Eggman Chaos made Needlemouse banner.

Sega have just posted a new, ambiguous teaser trailer for a new “2D adventure” and as if gold rings, drilling sounds, jumping sounds, and a winged ring shilouette weren’t enough, It’s called NEEDLEMOUSE for goodness sake! That can only mean one thing – THAT HEDGEHOG! But where the blue one goes, a certain doctor should not be too far away – and I don’t mean Doctor Who!

So how does Doctor Eggman fit into the puzzle? If at all *shivver*? Will he be new style, or maybe classic style? Will the game be 3d, but with a fixed camera angle, or completely 2D and drawn? all this reamains to be announced by SEGA – who seems to be back on form with their original logo and SE-GA jingle, and it’s excrutiatingly exciting!!

New Eggman Screenshots Unleashed!

October 17, 2008

Some new screenshots from Sonic Unleashed were released today – and Eggman is looking rather good!

Eggman at Sonic's Mercy? - Never!Eggman at Sonic’s Mercy? – Never!
Pleading? Something's going on!

Pleading? Something's going on!

Told you! The good Doctor does it again!

Told you! The good Doctor does it again!


Old Blue Eyes - Notice scratches on glasses, freckles, pores and VEINS! :O

I like this! The cartoon style Eggman -“Realified” and no – That isn’t a word! 😀 I’m quite glad it’s back to the more cartoony design of Eggman – pre Sonic 06. its more him for me.

Sonic Chronicles: High-Res Character Art

September 8, 2008

Here it is – the full promotional image of Robotnik from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood To be released on Nintendo DS.

Eggman in the upcoming Sonic RPG

The Alpha Male: Eggman in the upcoming Sonic RPG

Quite SA and SA2 style of art. Nice!